The original

Terms of service

Owner of this site neglected to upload a Terms of Service. So these are the default Terms of Service.


  • Shorten your links
  • Use it to track your links
  • Use it to wash redirects to links
  • Use it for your podcast shownotes


  • Use this site to spread malware,illegal content,play pranks
  • Link to stuff that can get someone jailtime
  • Be a dick

Keep in mind:

  • This service is provided as is. No guarantees for usability in the future
  • Links are input by other people. The owner is not responsible by links provided by users.
  • The links may get wiped at any time, make a backup
  • When in doubt follow Wheaton's law: Don't be a dick
Anything in the don't category will most likely get you and possibly your ip range banned on all shortener enabled services.